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Occupational Safety and Health
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Wyoming is one of 21 states operating an approved occupational safety and health program. This program is operated by the .

The purpose of this organization is to assure that insofar as possible every working person within this state shall have safe and healthful working conditions free from recognized hazards and to preserve Wyoming's state's human resources: that the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and abiding by rules and regulations are the responsibility of both the employer and the employee; and to help and assist employers and employees in accident and occupational disease prevention through educational means, which shall be made available to all industries, businesses, employees, employee groups and associations. Enforcement of the private and public sector shall be used only to obtain compliance with the Act and the rules and regulations established by the Wyoming Occupational Health and Safety Commission. It shall investigate occupational fatalities, safety and health complaints, safety and health discrimination complaints and to ensure inspection coverage in employment areas with high injury rates and to create a significant impact in such industries.

Applicable Agencies

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations State Consultation Program
Consultation provides safety and health technical assistance at no charge to private and public sector employers upon request. Our consultants do health and safety surveys, which include an audit of your facility where hazards are identified but there is no fine or penalty.

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