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Occupational Safety and Health
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New York


New York is one of 3 states operating an approved occupational safety and health program that only covers state and local government employees. This program is operated by the Division of Safety & Health. All other employees are covered by the federal OSHA program.

he New York State Department of Labor's Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) Program oversees the workplace protection of public employees at the State and local level. Protection guidelines are determined by standards set by OSHA, which enforces these guidelines in the private sector. While similar hazards can occur in public and private sector jobs, the PESH Program also addresses safety and health areas that are of specific concern to public employees. Public sector work sites range from subway tunnels and public landfills to hospitals and office buildings.

Applicable Agencies

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations
State Consultation Program
The On-Site Consultation Program provides free assistance to small private sector employers (250 or fewer employees at the work site, 500 or fewer nationwide) to help meet the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, improve or institute workplace safety and health programs and reduce workplace injuries and illness.

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