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New Jersey


New Jersey is one of 3 states operating an approved occupational safety and health program that only covers state and local government employees. This program is operated by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. All other employees are covered by the federal OSHA program.

New Jersey is one of three states, New York and Connecticut are the others, to offer this program specifically for public employees. The plan in New Jersey will cover approximately 470,000 public employees, including approximately 112,900 state employees and 357,100 county and municipal employees. The New Jersey State Plan is the combined responsibility of the New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL) and the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (NJDHSS). Specifically, the NJDOL is responsible for the administration of the program, inspections and investigations involving occupational safety complaints, accident and fatality investigations and discrimination complaints. The DHSS is responsible to conduct inspections and investigation of complaints regarding health hazards in the workplace. Both organizations offer consultation services and training in their area of expertise. New Jersey has adopted standards identical to most OSHA health and safety standards and has made a commitment to bring all of its standards in line with OSHA requirements. The state plan also provides that all future OSHA standards and revisions will be adopted by the state. Additionally, New Jersey will maintain its Indoor Air Quality standard which provides protection to public employees beyond the OSHA standards.

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Using the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development free On-Site Consultation Service, employers can find out about potential hazards at their worksites, improve their occupational safety and health management systems, and even qualify for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program - SHARP).

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