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Occupational Safety and Health
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New Hampshire


New Hampshire is one of 26 states covered by the federal OSHA program.

New Hampshire is not a "state plan" state; that is, it does not have a federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program. Consequently, the federal OSH Act governs occupational safety and health requirements in the private sector workplace. However, the state's Public Employee Safety and Health Law governs safety and health requirements in the public sector workplace. Its requirements are similar to the federal standard.

Under the state Workers' Compensation Act, both public and private sector employers with more than 10 employees in New Hampshire must submit a written safety program biennially to NHDOL. Because New Hampshire is not a state plan state, this requirement does not replace any requirements of the federal OSH Act.

Applicable Agencies

Occupational Safety and Health Regulations
State Consultation Program
Occupational Safety & Health Consultation Service: provides free on-site health and safety services to eligible employers. Although the Consultation Service is primarily targeted to small businesses, the program welcomes the opportunity to assist employers of any size. Whether an employer has a question about the safe use of a specific piece of equipment or would like information about establishing a workplace safety program at a work site, program staff are available to provide consultation to employers seeking such assistance.

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